About Us

Sustainable Construction

Lo Destro is committed to the implementation of sustainable design and construction practices. The economic efficiencies and reduced impact to our environment make “green” building the way of the future. Lo Destro will continue to be a great resource for clients realizing sustainable practices.

Lean Construction

Lo Destro Construction utilizes lean construction principles on every project to accomplish safer projects, cost reductions, higher quality standards, and shorten schedules. Just-in-time deliveries and schedule focused tasks built around consistent work flows help drive this philosophy.


Safety is a part of our company fabric, it’s who we are. Through our continual strive in lean construction methods and our site specific safety plans, Lo Destro focuses on consistent improvement through innovative practices.


Lo Destro Construction embraces technology as a way of doing business. With the ever-changing tools and applications in the market, we continue to review and utilize new technologies to provide project efficiencies and cost saving processes.