About Us


Community Affairs is a fundamental part of our operation. Lo Destro Construction represents and supports the communities and understands they are a critical component to overall business success.

M/WBE Commitment

Lo Destro Construction is committed to seeking out and assisting minority and women owned businesses. Our objective is to increase approachability, expand opportunity and guide these organizations to success.


All employees of Lo Destro Construction are held to the highest expectations which are rooted in our four principles:

Be honest and reliable. DO what you say you’ll do. Have the courage to do the right thing. Build a positive personal reputation with everyone. Be loyal to your family, coworkers, and country.

Treat others in a polite and appropriate manner accepting of differences.

Always do your best. Be self-disciplined and keep trying. Make educated decisions and take accountability.

Be active citizens in your local communities to fairly represent yourself and Lo Destro Construction. Through volunteering and charitable donations we strive to be better neighbors in our communities and make a difference.